Avoiding your emails being tagged as spam

Whenever an outbound message is sent from your domain through a server that is not officially associated (in your official DNS records) with it, there is a chance that the recipient’s server will treat that message as a suspicious one and tag it as spam.

To avoid your Impactia routed messages being tagged as spam, a small configuration addition/modification is required to your external DNS entries.

If you already use an SPF record for your domain, simply add the following items to it:


If you do not use an SPF record, you need to create a new DNS record, of type TXT with the following content;

v=spf1 mx include:impactia.com ip4:external-ip-of-your-outgoing-mail-server ~all

The purpose of this SPF record modification is to confirm for any querying recipient servers that the Impactia servers are authorized to relay email messages for your domain.