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The Impactia solution is designed for environments where emails flow is a mission critical resource that must maintain high availability. It is fully robust to allow automatic fail-over upon signs of trouble.
Fail-over: Depending on the type of email server you use, we are able to offer fault-resilient topologies. For example, on an MS-Exchange environment, it is possible to deploy the Impactia solution so that it is circumvented whenever MS-Exchange cannot communicate with the Impactia Enrichment Server. As a result, even when fault occurs in Impactia Enrichment Server, the company’s outgoing emails continue to flow uninterrupted

We constantly monitor our servers to make sure they’re not blacklisted. We have several data centers, which are fully capable of routing the emails through different sites or IPs in case we need to do that, but that has never happened so far. Additionally, because of the nature of the product emails are not sent in bulk, so each of the emails is typically different. Both of these criteria make it easier to pass then bulk email.

Email deliverability spam prevention is an issue we take very seriously, as it is the core of our business. We do not use any external URI for content, but use embedded images instead (which are less likely to be blocked by Outlook or by any other email clients), and internet connectivity is not needed in order to see the message properly. That is, in most cases the worst case scenario is the marketing image not automatically being displayed, and not the entire email message being blocked.
We also have recommendations regarding banner sizes and our application enforces size limitations. We constantly take measures to maintain high levels of deliverability and to make sure our emails are not being tagged as spam.

This layer makes sure that only authorized personnel are able to perform a limited set of actions based on their role within the organization.
In addition, users are granted usage rights on a need-to basis. Each user action is logged by the system and can be tracked. In addition, the application can be configured so that every change made by a user requires the approval of a top user.

All of the communication between the user’s workstation and the server’s web client is encrypted using SSL and authenticated by using a trusted certificate.

No, we do not automatically store your contact list, unless you choose to upload it. It is important to understand that Impactia Technologies is NOT a bulk email service, but rather a service that enhances day-to-day email correspondence. Therefore, it doesn’t require storing contact lists as a prerequisite. The user can decide whether or not he wants to upload contact lists in order to further segment his delivery rules. Most users choose to upload the Sender contact lists only and rarely upload large Recipient contact lists, as it is simply not necessary. This makes our service less appealing to hackers. When lists are uploaded, however, they are of course highly protected.

We are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of our customers and those who use our website. The following Privacy Statement provides details about how your personal information is collected and used. Impactia is the sole owner of information collected on this site. The amount of personal information you are required to supply is limited to that which is necessary to supply the service or carry out the transaction that you have requested. If additional information is requested, it is labeled as optional. We will not sell, share, or rent this information to others in ways different from what is disclosed in this statement.
Please Note:
1. Impactia does not read, use or share any email, email content or other personal identifiable information with any unauthorized individual or company nor does it use it to any other usage other than providing its services.
2. Impactia does not sell, rent or lease its customer lists, their mail addresses or mail contents to third parties.
3. Impactia does not keep the email content after it was enriched and successfully sent.

This Privacy Policy applies to all of the products, services and websites offered by Impactia or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies; collectively, Impactia’s “services.”

The Impactia server secures the data stored by the system, making sure that sensitive data (i.e. email messages) is deleted at the end of each transaction, leaving only essential meta-data.

The general rule is that any email which can be routed through Impactia’s Intelligent Email system, can be enriched. We have experience in enhancing both secured emails and alerts.

Yes, it can. We recommend that you keep it, so that you can better serve your email recipients, but ultimately the choice is yours.

One of our favorite features is the “no double enrichment” feature. Enrichment only appears once in every thread of conversation (well – actually once for each party, sometimes both parties will have Impactia’s Intelligent Email and enrich once each). This usually portrays your messages in an elegant way.

Reports are produced manually within the system (located within the ANALYTIC tab) and can be exported to PDF or Excel formats as well. Reports can be produced for any chosen time frame. The data is collected in real-time.

All the space around the email serves as possible promotional space. We do not narrow down our clients’ options when it comes to this space, they can decorate it to match their company’s colors and personality. When designing a new template you can choose where your banners will be placed, as seen below.


Yes, that is one of the key aspects of our Intelligent Email system. Several delivery rules can run concurrently, whether they are segmented by sender, recipient, subject or timing. There is also the option to have a delivery rule that chooses different promotional templates randomly.

The banners are uploaded and stored on Impactia’s Servers, which enables the Marketing Manager to login from any computer and make changes to the templates.

Yes, the Marketing Manager has no limit on the number of “secret codes” that can be created.

Yes, switching the enrichment on or off for an email is possible if a person’s email address is registered as an Impactia Intelligent Email user. The Marketing Manager can create “secret codes” that are entered by the employees in the email’s subject line, to switch on a specific campaign.

1. Sender
2. Recipient
3. Timing
4. Subject/”Secret code”

The free trial is exactly the same as the paid version of the product.

Integrating the solution should take 10 minutes. The IT professional will get written instructions on what he must do to Implement Impactia. On our side, we need to activate the account, which also takes just a few minutes. After that, we provide an online 20-minute online product overview. We also have support materials for those who prefer reading.

If needed, providing HTTP (port 80) access to and from the corporate’s network to the the Impactia server.
If the retrieval of additional data is required from resources, such as LDAP, CRM and FTP, the corresponding rules should be allowed in the corporate’s Firewall in order to provide such access.

The required changes are as follows:
• Changing the email route to the Impactia server
• Adding the Impactia address to the DNS spf record
• If required, providing the routing rules in the corporation’s Firewall

The relay changes are performed on your corporation’s email server. The changes are made to route the organization’s emails to the Impactia server instead of sending them to the Internet.

The overall overhead of the Rule and the Enrichment engines is only a couple of milliseconds, which means that the delay is quite negligible.

Yes, definitely. A large organization may choose when signing up with the Intelligent Email system to only enrich messages from several people in the company, for instance, only enriching the emails from the sales and marketing staff.
A second feature that is available is for the marketing manager to turn off the enrichment for certain employees. For instance, the CEO wants to turn off his enrichment, so the CEO contacts the marketing manager and asks for the enrichment to be switched off for his or her email address.
PLEASE NOTE: that in all the above cases, all the emails pass through our servers, but only some are enriched. Sending just some of the company’s emails to us is not always supported function; it depends on certain technical parameters (email server, anti-spam filter, etc).

Our Intelligent email is targeted towards daily/everyday emails that your organization sends out. This is different to bulk email, since you are emailing “warm contacts.” These emails are sent to provide ongoing business services by the Executive Team, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service or other Departments. For example, when your customer service representative receives an email asking for pricing information for your product, your company will be able to brand themselves and cross sell other products in the representative’s email response. This will increase your web traffic and sales.

Daily or everyday emails are emails sent out by every employee in the organization. These are emails usually sent out to your “warm contacts”. For example, a customer service representative sends out emails to respond to questions from customers. Using Impactia’s Intelligent Email system, the Marketing Manager can add banners, useful links and logos to all the emails sent out. Another example of a daily email, would be an employee writing to a business contact about a particular project they are working on.

This is an email sent out to a large number of recipients. Examples of this are Newsletters or promotional emails sent out to a group of recipients.

Yes. You do not need to have a contact list or an opt-in list when you use our Intelligent Email system. As soon as you set-up Impactia for your organization’s emails, you and your employees can use their email software, exactly the way they did before. The only difference is that when the emails are sent out, they will be enriched with branding and promotional messages that your company’s Marketing Manager has placed in the messages. These banners, links or texts may include your logo, company accomplishments, tip of the week, sales or upcoming events.